How Long Does It Take To Heal A Wrist Sprain

In Mild or Grade I Wrist Sprains show an improvement within 2-3 days. Moderate sprains can take more than a week to get healed. Severe sprains take number of weeks to even months to get cured completely.

Wrist sprains occur due to any injury to the ligaments present in the wrist. Wrist injuries are very common depending on our usage and function or wrists. When we begin to fall, we put our hands out to break our fall. This is a very natural instinct, which results in sudden twisting of the wrist forcibly. This condition leads to wrist sprain. Our ligaments are elastic in nature but when they are stretched beyond their normal limits, they cause cause discomfort and pain. Ligaments control movement around a joint. Ligaments help in keeping our hands intact and only allowing controlled motion.

Wrist sprains are categorized into three types basing on their severity of injury. They are:

  • Mild or Grade I Sprain:

    This condition arise when the ligament is just stretched without any significant tearing of the ligament.

  • Moderate or Grade II Sprain:

    A little more severe damage leading to partial tearing of the ligament cause this sprain.

  • Severe or Grade III Sprain:

    When ligaments are completely torn and detached from their previously connected bones, this type of sprain occurs.

People who slip during ice walks, people associated with sports are very prone to wrist sprains. Common sports which cause wrist sprain are: Rollerblading, Skiing, Volleyball, Baseball, Basketball, Ice Hockey, Boxing, Roller Hockey, Weightlifting, Snowboarding, Judo, Wrestling or Football.

Most Common Symptoms Of A Wrist Pain Are :

  • Feeling discomfort or pain in wrists while making small movements.
  • Swelling around the joint of the wrist.
  • Discoloration of bruises on the skin near the wrist.
  • Tingling or burning sensation around the wrist.

Diagnosis is done basing on the knowledge of how the injury occurred.

Then physical examinations are done to confirm. X-ray is done to ensure if bones are fractured. An MRI or a Computer Tomography Scan may also helpful in few cases where unexpected symptoms arise.

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  1. my wrist is sprained (by self diagnosing by internet) and it hurts. 2 days till xmas and it kills! what should i do for fastest cure?

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