Physiotherapy Exercises For Mallet Finger

When the tip of the finger is bent and straightening it with own efforts becomes extremely painful and difficult, hit is known as Mallet Finger. Pain and swelling are the most common signs occurring at the bone joint of the finger tip. Other hand may be used to straighten the finger. Hence, it is termed as Mallet Finger Deformity.

The general treatment is done by splinting the fracture for about 6 weeks. But the physiotherapy methods are followed to regain the normal functionality of the offending finger. Skin problems are also commonly seen when splinted for longer time. Skin should also be monitored. replace splint or consult your physician if any sign of skin problem arise.

The prime motive of a rehabilitation plan after the treatment is to keep the mobility in other joint intact and prevent stiffness. The physical therapy can be essential even after surgery. But it should be thought only after the surgical pin is removed.A physical or an occupational therapist may be consulted. They would teach exercises to be performed at home and help reduce the stiffness in other joints. The exercises to strengthen the finger and increase the flexibility must be started once the mallet finger is healed completely.

Mallet Finger Exercises

  • Passive range of motion

    Try to bend the injured finger gently. If the discomfort persists, assist your injured joint with the other hand but apply very gentle pressure. Try to straighten it. Repeat it slowly for 10 times. Hold at each position for 5 seconds. This can be done for 3-5 times a day.

  • Fist making

    Make a fist with your hand. If fist do not occur, assist it in bending with the other hand. Do it very gently. Hold at each position for about 5-10 minutes. Repeat this procedure 10 times.

  • Object pick-up

    Try to pick small objects (like pins, coins, marbles or buttons) with a finger and thumb.

  • Finger extension

    Keep your palm flat with the fingers straightened out on the table. At one time, try to lift only one finger. Hold each finger at the lifted position for 5 seconds. Then rest it down. Perform the same for each of the 5 fingers. It can be repeated 10 times a day.

  • Grip strengthening

    Take a rubber ball. Squeeze it and hold for 5 seconds. Do it in 3 sets of 10 balls.

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