Types Of Rib Fracture

Rib fracture is the condition in which one or more bones that form the rib cage are either broken or fractured. The extent of the fracture can be measured by the intensity of blow which the person feels on the chest and also by the amount of pain which is there on the point of injury. Depending on these two factors the rib fracture can be either Simple Rib fracture or Serious rib fracture. In this article we will be discussing the factors which will decide what type of fracture is there.

Simple Rib Fracture

The factors which will decide that the fracture of rib is a simple rib fracture are:

  • Try to touch the affected part gently. The person will feel sharp pain and tenderness at the point of injury. This pain and tenderness can be an indication of one or more broken ribs.
  • If the person is not able to breathe deeply or take the cough inside or have a stabbing pain then it can be a condition of a broken rib.
  • Sometimes discoloration or deformity around the chest area, the rate of respiration will be the elevated one, shallow breathing to minimize the pain with each breath. The presence of any these symptoms will indicate the rib fracture.
  • In this condition, try to minimise the movement of the fractured part as much as possible. This can be done by tying adhesive tape from the broken rib to the spine at the back or apply an elastic bandage all around the chest or using a sling immobilize the arm against the fractured part.

Severe Rib Fracture

The factors which will decide that the fracture of rib is a severe one include:

  • The most important sign of severe fracture in the chest is distress in respiration, rapid or shallow breathing, elevated heart rate will be there, area around the mouth and nose will turn blue in color.
  • In case the person will have difficulty in breathing then it means that the lungs are punctured.
  • Also notice the movements of the chest. In case the one part of the chest rises while the other other falls during inhalations then it means that at least three ribs are broken on the falling side of the chest.
  • The immediate treatment for this condition is to roll a person on the injured side and you can also place a rolled piece of cloth under the injured part.

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