Cuneiform Bone

Cuneiform bone is the bone which is found in the foot of the human being. This bone comprises of three different bones. They are:

  • The medial cuneiform bone
  • The intermediate cuneiform or the middle bone
  • The lateral cuneiform

All these three bones are located in between the first second and third metatarsal bone and the navicular bone of the foot. These bones are medial to the cuboid bone.

Cuneiform Bone Fracture:

Fracture in cuneiform bone usually happens as the part of the mid-foot fracture. The mid-foot comprises of three different types of bones which include the cuboid, navicular and 3 cuneiform bones. As the bones and ligaments of the mid foot comprise to form a rigid structure, so any kind of injury in this part is not an isolated injury but a multiple fracture or dislocation.

The fractures in cuneiform bone can be classified into two different types fractures. They are:

  • Avulsion fractures
  • Fracture dislocations or Body fractures

As we know that there are three cuneiform bones out of these the medial cuneiform bone is the most commonly affected bone. The injury in this bone takes place due several reasons like fall from the height, any kind of accident in a car or bike or any sports injury. The athletes who play sports like football or hockey are more likely to get such fractures.

Treatment Of Cuneiform Bone Fracture:

Here are some common tips of self care which can be followed for treating the cuneiform bone fracture. They are:

  • Keep the injured leg at an elevated place. This will stabilize the foot injury.
  • Use splints to prevent the injured part from any movement.
  • Make sure that the splint which is used for tying the injured foot is not tight enough to prevent the circulation of blood.
  • Proper elevation to the injured feet will also prevent it from swelling and pain too.
  • In case of excessive swelling apply the ice pack on the injured part for atleast 20 minutes.

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