Cuboid Bone

The cuboid bone is the bone which lies on the lateral side of the foot. This bone plays an important role in giving stability to the foot and helps in joining the bone of the foot to that of the ankle. The shape of the cuboid bone is cube-shaped.

Cuboid Bone Fracture:

The fracture in the cuboid bone can occur in isolation but usually they occur in conjunction with the other fractures only. These fractures can be classified as:

  • Avulsion( which occur on the lateral side)
  • Body fractures ( these are simple, stress, crush or dislocated)

Broadly they are classified as:

Minor Fracture:

Most of these fractures are associated with the midtarsal sprains.Sometimes mild injuries can also result in midtarsal dislocations. These fractures are recognized by the extent of the swelling, tenderness and the mechanism with which the injury has has taken place.

Stress Fracture:

These fractures are usually present in athletes or in patients who are osteopenic. The patients suffering from this condition have pain in lateral part of the foot and need to undergo MRI for the diagnosis of this condition. Wearing of cast for a smaller duration of time will help in functional treatment of this condition.

Compression Fractures:

These are the serious injuries which are located in between the metatarsals and calcaneum.Due to intense pressure and compression on the forefoot the dislocation in the midtarsal or fracture in the navicular or fracture of the calcaneum takes place.

Treatment Of Cuboid Bone Fracture:

The treatment of cuboid bone fracture include:

  • The fractures in which displacement has not taken place can be cured by wearing cast for 4-6 weeks.
  • In severe cases surgery is undertaken in which open reduction and internal fixation process is undertaken. This process is usually carried out in a multiple injured foot.

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