How To Heal a Broken Bone Quickly?

Broken bones are fractured bones. Break along the length of the bone or cracks are all fractures. Bones are light in weight but are quite hard and strong. They can support and form the framework of the body. When the stress or force becomes unmanageable to be supported by bones, then the bone breaks or cracks.

A broken bone takes some time to heal. Waiting to recover completely is a difficult task. Several factors like blood flow, age and health of the patient, eating and drinking habits, lifestyle are essential in determining the recovery time. The procedure of treatment also plays an important role in the recovery process. A few steps mentioned below are required to be followed to heal a broken bone quickly.

Say a�?noa�� to smoking a��

It has been observed that people who smoke take longer time to recover from a fracture. The risk of developing a non-healing fracture is also more among smokers. Smoking can constrict the blood vessels, affecting the normal blood flow. The blood flow is the only way to supply nutrients and oxygen to the bones. If blood supply is reduced the supply of nutrients is also affected. This lowers the rate of recovery. If you are a smoker, it is advised to stop smoking at once.

Balanced Diet a��

To improve bone health it is essential to consume more nutrients. You must eat a balanced diet and drink adequate amount of water. Add more of fresh fruits and vegetables to your diet.

Calcium intake a��

Fractured bones need extra calcium. Focus on your calcium intake. Add calcium rich foods and eat more of calcium doses (under medical prescription) for faster healing.

Stick to medical guidelines strictly a��

If your physician recommends crutches, surgery or casts for you then make sure you adhere to it strictly. Obeying to your physician will help you recover faster. Do not go back to work unless advised and avoid stress on the fractured part until you recover completely.

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