External occipital protuberance

The external occipital protuberance is located near the middle of the occipital squama. The superior nuchal line extends laterally on either sides of the external occipital protuberance. Above which, a faintly visible highest nuchal line is located. This bone structure is not very prominent in females. The highest point of this structure is called inion. Inion is a Greek word, which means a�?at the back of the heada��.

The projection present on the external surface of the squamous part of the occipital bone is called external occipital protuberance. It is present in the midline. Protuberance refers to some kind of swelling or bulging and is called protuberant. This bone structure is prominently located on the outer surface of the Occipital bone. It is the site of attachment of the ligaments; nuchae and trapeziusm.

Occipital Bone

The term a�?occipitala�? is taken from a Latin word, a�?Occiputa�?, which means a�?present against heada��. The occipital bone forms the posterior portion of the human skull. It is considered as a saucer-shaped membrane bone. Using the lamboid suture, the occipital bone articulates in the superolateral direction with the parietal bones. This bone articulates in the ateroinferior direction using the temporal bone. This bone can also articulate in the anterior direction using the sphenoid bone body.

External occipital crest

The ridge which extends from the external occipital protuberance in the downward direction is called External occipital crest.

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