Causes of Complications of Bone Healing

Proper care and appropriate treatment will heal a broken bone. But, there are cases which require extra care and healing of the broken bones get difficult. There are times, when the healing does not occur even after treatment and care. The reasons can be certain complications which hamper the healing of the broken bone. The most common causes of complications of bone healing are a��

  • Nonunion of Fractures
  • Smoking

Non union of fractures a��

When a broken bone does not heal, it is clinically known as the non union of fractures. Bones are capable to heal themselves under proper treatment and appropriate healing environment. But still some cases of fracture do not get healed. Slow healing of bone is termed as a�?delayed healinga�?. If a broken bone does not heal at all, it is called a�?non-union of bonesa�?.

Bones involved a��

The following types of fracture in bones are considered non-union fractures.

  • Fracture of the fifth metatarsal
  • Scaphoid fractures
  • Femoral neck fractures
  • Talus Fractures

Cause of non-union complication of broken bones a��

Various causes can cause non-union of bonesa�?. The most common causes include –

  • Infection at the site of fracture
  • Improper blood supply to the broken bone
    No proper support or stabilization is given to the affected bone
  • Fractured ends of the broken bone got separated

Smoking effects a��

Bones also require supply of blood, nutrients and oxygen for healing. Due to smoking, the level of nicotine increases in blood. As a result of which, the blood vessels get constricted, thereby also restricting the usual blood flow to bones. Inappropriate supply of blood hinders the process of healing of the broken bone, and complicating the situation. Smokers have also been observed to undergo a longer recovery period compared to the non-smokers with broken bones.

Prevention of complications of broken bones a��

  • Avoid smoking.
  • Eat properly, adhering to the recommended diet plan by your physician.
  • In case of any medical ailments like diabetes or obesity, go for medical advices.

Treatment of complications of bone healing a��

Surgery is the most common method of curing any kind of complication during healing of bones. Surgery can a��

  • reduce the infection
  • stabilize the fracture
  • stimulate growth of the affected bone

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