Aching Bones

Bones are the strongest parts of the human body. These facilitate the movement and the strength and overall gait of the body. Although fractures are very common, they do not happen until there is an impact of a major injury. Aching bones is also not a common problem when compared to joints. Several factors trigger this condition. Read on more to know about the causes of pain in the bones.

Aching Bones Causes:

Aching bones are caused due to several factors. It can be because of simple injury or due to a serious and complicated reason pertaining to a disorder.

  • Often, pain in the bones is due to a hairline fracture or a bone fracture. As we all know, a bone fracture is a painful condition. Sometimes, a major injury may have a major impact on bones and lead to painful bones.
  • Mostly, pain in the bones is associated with old age. Aging causes wear and tear of the joints and bones and causes pain. As bones are used for long time, they show signs of excess use in the form of pain.
  • Even an infection in the bone may cause painful bone. Chronic or acute form of bone infection is known as


    . Painful bones is the most common symptom of this condition.

  • Osteoporosis causes thinning of bones, thinning of bone tissues and loss of bone density. This is associated with bone aches and tenderness.
  • Leukemia also causes pain in the bones. This is blood cancer or bone marrow. This condition obviously causes pain in the bones.
  • If cancer develops from the bone itself, an individual may experience bone aches. In some cases, cancer develops in some place and spreads to the bones and leads to pain and other complications.
  • Anemia may also cause bone aches.
  • Toddler fracture may also lead to aching bones. This is a type of stress fracture.
  • Arthritis may also lead to painful joints and bones.
  • Bone aches are common during pregnancy. During pregnancy, pelvic, hip and back bones are affected, as hormones which are secreted during pregnancy may lead to ligaments relaxation.

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