Broken Pinky Toe

When you stub your toe, you may experience severe pain. It may get blue and black and swelling can also be noticed. It is sometimes difficult to identify broken pinky toe. It may be confused with a stubbed toe because the pain is similar. As we do not use pinky toe much like other fingers, it is a little late to detect the pinky toe fracture. Below lines give details about the symptoms and treatments of pinky toe fracture.

Symptoms of Broken Pinky Toe:

Following are some of the symptoms of broken pinky toe.

  • Swelling:

    Severe swelling can be noticed in the toe area and the area becomes stiff and red. One may also experience numbness in that area.

  • Pain:

    You may experience severe pain if you have a broken pinky toe. You may have dull pain which can be experienced constantly. This will not effect your ability to work.

  • Deformed Toe:

    Sometimes, it is difficult to identify pinky toe frature. However, a deformed toe can be noticed and it can be a symptom of pinky toe fracture.

  • Bruising:

    There are chances that the toe may turn to blue and black because of the inability to blood circulation or blood clotting.

  • Temperature:

    You may suffer from fever within three hours after having a broken pinky toe.

Treatment for Broken Pinky Toe:

It may take 3 a�� 8 weeks for healing the broken pinky toe. Pain subsides as the weeks pass. It is not a complicated thing to heal broken pinky toe. Usually, it is better to consult the physician to suspect the broken pinky toe and also to avoid further complications. If the physician realizes it as a minor fracture, he may suggest you to follow certain broken toe treatments at home. They include:

  • Rest:

    Resting is the best way to avoid further complications and don’t put much pressure on the toe. You may need a special shoes or crutches to protect the toe.

  • Ice:

    Wrap ice in a towel and apply it on the affected area. Ensure that you keep a protective layer below the ice pack and above the skin. This should be done for 15 a�� 20 minutes for every 1 A? a�� 2 hours.

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