What is a Bone Bruise?

A bone bruise is an extremely painful injury which occurs because of an injury on the underlying bone part. It can be considered as a prior step to bone fracture. A bruised bone on skin or muscles is not very painful as a bone bruise. Read on to know more about bruised bone.

Causes of Bone Bruise

Bone injuries are the possible causes, which cause intense pain and a feeling of bone fracture, although there is no broken bone. Human bone is made up of cortex. Cortex are interconnected fibers. These comprise of calcium and if you have met with an accident or a trauma to the bones, fibers break apart. As the bones are interconnected by several fibers, breakage of a few fibers does not lead to fracture, however, it triggers intense pain in the afflicted part. Precisely, bone bruises develop only if few fibers break. The breakage of many fibers may lead to bone fractures.

Symptoms of Bone Bruise

Swelling and discoloration in the surrounding area are the symptoms of bone bruise. Intense pain in the afflicted area is the most common symptom. You can often notice blackish-blue discoloration in the surrounding areas of the afflicted bone.

Treatment for Bone Bruise

Initially, you must identify the symptoms of bone bruise. You must consult a medical expert as you identify the symptoms of bone bruise rather than applying medications on the afflicted area. Orthopedic doctor diagnoses the bruise with a high-density MRI scan rather than X-rays. MRI scans give accurate results and hence, minute breakage of fibers can also be detected. This is the only possible way to detect the condition.

Ice packs are very useful in treating thumb or wrist bone bruise. This reduces swelling. You may also use a pack of corns or peas to apply on the afflicted areas. Wrap ice cubes in a soft cloth or a soft towel and apply it on the affected areas. If the pain does not subside, consult the physician for an injection. You are always advised to seek medical professionals advise to detect whether it is a fracture or a bruise.

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