Swollen Hands and Feet

Medically, swollen hands and feet are referred to as idiopathic edema. Several factors are responsible for the swelling of the hands and feet and it is a difficult task to detect the exact cause. Pregnancy, arthritis, infection and injury are the most common causes of swollen hands and feet. Mostly, edema afflicts the lower legs, ankles, feet and hands. This can also be observed in other parts of the body.

Swollen Hands

Swollen Hands

Swollen Feet and Hands a�� Causes

Several factors are responsible for this condition. Let us know about the causes of edema in hands and feet in this article:

Heart, Liver and Kidney Diseases

Several liver, heart and kidney diseases lead to the accumulation of excess fluids in the body, which results in edema. The fluid may also build up in the abdomen, chest or entire body, leading to quick gain in weight. These are the dangerous situations which can prove to be fatal.


This is another major cause of edema in hands and feet. Uterus pressurizes the vena cava and the pelvic veins which slows down the blood circulation resulting in blood pool. Due to the pressure of the blood, water is pushed into the ankles and feet tissues. Pregnant women retain water which leads to edema.


In some cases, menstruating women also complain about edema. This can develop in any time in the month. This is primarily due to sodium retention in the body.


Arthritis is another underlying condition which causes edema in feet and hands. Joints swelling in the feet or hands is the most common symptom of arthritis.


This is a health condition which is caused due to the excess production of platelets, red blood cells and white blood cells. It results in thickening of the blood and causes blood clotting in tiny blood vessels. This blockage may lead to edema.


Insect bite is another another cause of swollen feet and hands because some people are allergic to insect stings. Serum sickness can be considered as another cause. Being allergic to certain medications may also cause serum sickness.


This is another health condition wherein a tumor in pituitary gland causes excess secretion of hormones. This excessive secretion may cause pain and edema.

Other Causes

Frostbite is another cause of edema in feet and hands. Blood clotting in veins may also cause swollen feet and hands. Reflex sympathetic dystrophy also triggers edema. Generally, it affects the leg or arm and very rarely infects the legs and hands.

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