Fractured Pinky Toe – Symptoms of Fractured Pinky Toe

You stub your toe and you experience intense pain. It may get blue and black and swells very badly. Now let us know about the broken pinky toe. It is difficult to detect the fractured pinky toe. It may be confusing with stubbed toe as the pain is similar. As we do not use pinky toe as actively as we use our fingers, it may become late for registering it. This article gives more information on fractured pinky toe.

Symptoms of Fractured Pinky Toe

Following are a few symptoms of broken little toe:


You may notice severe swelling at the toe area. The area around the toe may become stiff and red too. You may also experience numbness. The region may swell two times more than the usual thing.


You may experience intense pain due to broken toe. It can be a dull pain which is experienced constantly or more like a pressing pain a�� based on the type of fracture and degree of fracture. However, it may not limit your ability to walk. Here is a simple tip to check for a broken little toe. You may experience sudden jolt of intense pain that does not happen with a stubbed toe.

Deformed Toe

It is difficult to detect broken toe by just looking at it. Sometimes, you may notice a deformed toe which looks unnatural and hence it is a clear indication of broken little toe. Move your finger around the area and check for any bumps and lumps. If you find any, it is a clear symptom of fractured little finger.


There is a chance for turning the toe into blue and black because of the inability of blood clotting. It may also turn to dark red shade.


One may suffer from high fever within 3 hours if you have a fractured little toe. This is the body’s natural way to fight against unnatural thing.

Other Effects

Arthritis, nail injuries and compound fractures are other conditions which develop due to a fractured pinky toe.

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