Broken Toe – What To Do?

The term “Broken toe” is used for describing any toe injury. The bones in the toes may get fractured, based on the severity of the injury. Often, toe gets injured when a heavy object falls on it. This injured toe becomes swollen and causes intense pain when you touch it. Sometimes, the color of the skin may change to gray or blue. According to the studies, broken toe heals in 3 a�� 5 weeks.

Broken Toe

Broken Toe

Broken Toe a�� What To Do?

People are often worried about what to do with broken toe. As the treatment plays a vital role in giving relief, following are some treatment options which can give relief from pain and reduce swelling. What you must do after realizing that you have a fractured toe? Ensure that you keep off your foot and do not put much pressure on the broken toe. Take some simple precautions to accelerate the healing process.


If you do not take adequate rest, pain and swelling associated with the fractured toe aggravates. Stay away from the activities which hurt the injured toe. Avoid physical activities which strain the toe. Do not walk or stand for a long time as it extends the healing time. Sometimes, based on the severity of the broken toe, what to do instantly is not apparent always. Resting and keeping off the broken toe is very important to ensure healing.

Ice Therapy:

Apply ice on the afflicted area to reduce the swelling associated with the broken toe. Apply ice therapy for 3 a�� 4 times a day for about 10 minutes to reduce the pain. You are advised to apply ice directly on the skin as it leads to scarring. Rather, wrap ice cubes in a cloth and keep it on the toe.


Consumption of appropriate medications play a vital role in reducing pain. Ibuprofen is the most common medication used for treating broken toe. Ibuprofen is an anti-inflammatory drug used for reducing swelling accompanied with fractured toe. Sometimes, acetaminophen is also used for reducing swelling but you must take appropriate dosage. Basically, these medicines are pain relievers which help in relieving discomfort.

Foot Positioning:

Place your foot in such a position that it relieves the pain. Keep your leg at an elevation to ensure quick recovery. Improper or bad positioning not only increases healing time, but sometimes causes the toe heal badly.

Taping the Toe:

This is an easy way for a speedy recovery. This may be achieved only by using surgical tape. Put a tape to the injured and to the adjacent toe for immobilizing the toe and to accelerate the healing process. Place a cloth in between the toes for providing great support to the injured toe.


If the bones of the toe are dislocated to a great extent, the above mentioned remedies do not give relief. As the time passes, broken toe symptoms aggravate and makes you feel discomfort. In such cases, surgery is the only treatment option for restoring the broken toe bones.

The answer to the question, ‘Broken Toe a�� What To Do?’ is to take necessary care which includes avoiding activities which strain the injured toe and also taking the medications for alleviating the healing process.

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