Swollen Wrist

You use your wrists for your day to day activities like driving, picking up things, working on computers, eating, etc. As the wrists are made up from numerous tiny muscles, ligaments and bones, hence it makes the wrists very delicate and are more susceptible to injury, particularly if the above discussed activities are done excessively. There are numerous factors which trigger wrist problems like swollen wrists and wrist pain. Below lines give information on the causes of swollen wrist.

Swollen Wrist a�� Causes

Following are some of the causes of swelling in the wrists:


This is a major cause of swelling in wrists. Often, this affects the elderly people. Pain and swelling caused by rheumatoid arthritis or osteoarthritis can be recognized easily as the pain and swelling because these two health conditions, generally begins from the thumb base and later spreads to other parts of the hand, which includes wrists. You might also notice redness in the afflicted area and you may feel hot when you touch it.

Wrist tendonitis

Wrist tendonitis can be due to the swelling of the wrist, where the wrist tendons get irritated. There are numerous causes for wrist tendonitis, like placing the wrist in an improper position while working on the computer or while sleeping or recurrent actions performed using the wrist with improper breaks in between.


Any injury to the wrist because of an accident or trauma, or due to excess pressure on the bones of the wrist may cause a tear in the muscles and ligaments of the wrist or a bone fracture. All these may cause swelling in the wrist along with the intense pain. Excessive usage of wrist or lifting up heavy objects may afflict the wrist joint also, resulting in pain and inflammation.

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