What is Bone Contusion?

Bone bruise or bone contusion are same. Briefly, this is a deep bruise which generally afflicts the tissues of the bones. Human bones are made up of many fibers that absorb calcium and many other minerals that are essential for healthy and strong bones. Sometimes, because of some injury these fibers break and leas to bone bruise or bone contusion. This is sometimes very painful. There are many signs and treatments for this problem. Read on to know more about the symptoms of this condition. Bone Contusion

Bone Contusion a�� Symptoms:

Usually bone contusion occurs because of a direct injury or due to a sudden and sharp impact while playing. There are many symptoms for this condition and they linger for a few days or in some cases, they linger for some months. These symptoms are very painful. Following are some most common symptoms which an individual experience when he has a bruised bone:

  • Severe pain is the first and foremost symptom that a person experiences with bone bruise. The pain which you usually experience educes in a few days. But the pain associated with injury remains for a few months. In some cases, the pain is very intense that the person cannot move that body part easily.
  • Skin discoloration is another symptom of this condition. When you get the injury for the first time, the skin surrounding the injured area changes to red and also swells. Gradually blood accumulates under the skin and skin color changes to purple or blue. As the injury starts healing, the color of the skin changes to yellow or sometimes to green. Discoloration of skin is temporary. Sometimes it remains for a few weeks or months.
  • Swelling is another most common symptom. The tissues surrounding the afflicted bone swells up as well as the skin surrounding the bone swells up. Occasionally, blood collects underneath the skin and leads to swelling. A person can rub ice on the afflicted part to reduce swelling.

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