Hip Fracture Symptoms

A hip fracture is a serious condition where a person’s femur or hip bone becomes broken or cracked. This is a condition which normally happens due to a blunt injury or a sharp fall. Hip fractures may range from mild and hairline type fractures to severe fractures with the damage of the surrounding soft tissues amd with significant bone displacement. There are some significant symptoms of hip fractures. Read on to know more about hip fracture symptoms.

Hip Fracture Symptoms:

Following are some of the hip fracture symptoms:

Leg Swelling:

Hip fracture produces intense swelling in the affected leg. Like other bone fractures, significant irritation of soft tissues along with the body’s response to the broken bone results in swelling. Usually, a hip fracture leads to swelling in the groin area and thigh. Swelling around the knee joint, ankle area and/ or in the lower leg occurs rarely, but can occur periodically. The severity of the swelling depends on the severity of the hip fracture. If the fracture is larger and severe, it produces greater amounts of swelling.

Inability to Bear Weight:

Most of the hip fractures produce intense pain and limit the walking and weight bearing capability of the affected leg. Fractures which are localized and superficial and minor hip fractures produce mild signs and symptoms which do not impede normal ambulation, but most hip fractures trigger pain and dysfunction. These make weight bearing activities very difficult. A hip fracture may break the hip bone into several pieces and results in displacement of the bone. This bone displacement results in irritation and structural problems and greatly reduces the stability of afflicted leg.

Upper Thigh Pain:

This is the most common symptom of the hip fracture. Sometimes, it can be very severe that it radiates into pelvis area or lower leg. The exact location of the hip fracture, whether it is near the top or below the neck of hip joint, plays a vital role in the severity of the pain. However, due to hip joint anatomy, hip fracture usually produces intense upper leg pain, normally near or at the junction of pelvis area and upper leg.

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