Upper Arm Pain

The pain which is experienced between the elbows and the shoulders is referred to as upper arm pain. This pain can be experienced in one or both the arms. There are several factors that cause pain in upper arm. These causes may vary based on their impact on the body. Sometimes, this can pain can be because of itself and at times it can be a symptom of an underlying health condition. Following are some of the causes of upper arm pain.

Upper Arm Pain

Upper Arm Pain a�� Causes

Here are some of the causes of upper arm pain:


Pain in the upper arm , while lifting any object can be because of tendonitis. A tendon is a fibrous tissue that connects the muscles and the bones. Inflammation or swelling in the tendons can be because of numerous factors like excess usage of tendons, injury or trauma can cause tendonitis. Apart from pain, tendonitis in upper arm can show other symptoms like joint swelling and warmth in afflicted area.

Heart Disease

Pain in the left upper arm can be a sign of heart disease, particularly if it is associated with sweating and chest pain. Most people who suffer from heart attack, experience left upper arm pain also. At times, one may have a problem in blood supply or blood flow from heart to body. This may cause left arm pain as well.

Brachial Plexus Injury

This condition may cause pain only in one arm, that is either in right or left upper arm. The pain together with brachial plexus injury is similar to the electric shock. This condition develops if an injury is caused in the network of nerves, whose functionality is sending signals from spinal cord to parts of the body like arms, hands and shoulders. This network of nerves either might have got torn or overstretched. Tumors, accidents and certain sports are the primary causes of brachial plexus injury.

Acid Reflux Disease

A person suffering from acid reflux often suffers from heart burn. This is so because the stomach acids again travel back to the throat. Sometimes, this causes pain in arms. One might actually experience pain in chest area and it may later extend down to upper arms.

Strained Muscles

Because of lifting heavy objects or over exercising, pain may be caused. The muscles in upper arm may get stretched excessively and cause muscle strains. There can also be tearing in the muscle tissues also.


Any trauma or injury to the upper arm may cause fractures. It can be the major cause of upper arm ache. Apart from pain, other fracture symptoms include bleeding, only if the skin on upper arm has got injury and inflammation.

Peripheral Neuropathy

This is another cause of upper arm pain. This develops when the nerves get damaged because of several factors like presence of toxins in body, diabetes, problems in metabolic process, infections and trauma. Pain in upper arm is associated with numbness and pain in legs and feet too.

One cannot overlook or ignore upper arm pain. You must diagnose it immediately to rule out serious health conditions.

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