Buddy Taping A Broken Toe or a Finger

Buddy taping or buddy wrapping is a process where a broken, sprained or fractured toe or finger is bandaged to its neighboring healthy toe or finger. Taping the injured toe or finger this way, would give them ample chance to heal as the injured units are in a way immobilised as the healthy one behaves like a splint.

Buddy Taping a Toe

As already mentioned, sprains, dislocations, fractures to the toe can be treated using buddy tapes. One major reason why broken toes need this procedure is because they cannot be casted like the arm or leg. Usually a physician or a medical practitioner would do the taping, but it can be administered at home by oneself.

  • Firstly, it is better to go for a diagnosis, just to confirm if the toe is broken or if its only a sprain. In either case, taping is essential.
  • Next, apply an ice pack to the injured toe in order to bring the swelling down.
  • Before taping the injured toe to the adjacent healthy one, place a little cotton or gauze between the two to create a padding. This padding would protect the skin between the two toes from developing sores or blisters. Bear in mind, the cotton should be just enough and not heavy, as the alignment of the toe while healing can be disrupted.
  • Now, tape the injured toe to the healthy one and make sure that the tape is not wound too tight but a bit loose. Taping the finger too tight would cut off the blood flow.
  • After taping, make sure to avoid strenuous activities and use crutches while walking to allow a quick healing.
  • Keeping the injured foot elevated is also suggested.

Buddy Taping a Finger

This is usually done by sports persons at all times to keep their sprained or swollen fingers from getting damaged excessively. Taping the fingers is also done in the same manner as the toes.

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