The Deltoid Ligament


deltoid ligament

or the

medial ligament


is a complex structure of ligaments in the ankle joint. The other ligaments within the deltoid are the tibionavicular, tibiocalcaneal, anterior tibiotalar and the posterior tibiotalar. The

deltoid ligament

makes sure that the ankle joint does not get rotated abnormally.

The Deltoid Ligament:

This complex ligament structure is also made up of two sets of fibers, viz. superficial and deep. The ligaments and the fibers together make this structure a strong band attaching themselves to the ankle from the front to the back of it.

This is what keeps the ankle from rotating or flexing abnormally.

The Sprain:

Although the deltoid is a strong band of ligaments, it is known to sprain. Let us look at the reasons behind this.

The human leg contains two long bones called the tibia and fibula. The fibula bone actually holds the ankle joint in place keeping it from spraining and the ligaments in the ankle from tearing. So, an injury to the fibula bone (like a fracture) can actually sprain the ligaments in the deltoid. Now the question is, how can one fracture or injure the fibula?

When a foot is grounded heavily and this action is coupled with a rotational force, the ankle can get twisted during which time the complex structure of ligaments can tear causing it to sprain.

The immediate symptoms of a sprain would be severe ankle pain coupled with swelling. In people who also suffer a ligament tear, bruising of the ankle can also be seen. This makes it difficult for a person to walk.


Deltoid ligament

sprain would heal by itself within 48 hours. But after spraining the ankle, one has to take complete rest making sure that no weight is born by the injured ankle.

  • Ice packs and compression bandages can be used to deal with the swollen ankles.
  • Keep the injured leg elevated from the ground in order to allow it to heal.

If the above steps do not offer any relief, then medical assistance should be sought.

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