Ankle Bone Bruise Treatments

An ankle bone bruise is difficult to identify unless and until an expensive MRI scan is used. In most cases, a bruise of the ankle bone may go unrecognized. A bone bruise can be the resultant of a car accident, fall, a direct blow to the ankle or an ankle injury that can occur while playing. All these causes lay severe compressive forces on the bone and can even damage the surrounding tendons or ligaments along with the bone. An ankle bone bruise can take up to an year to heal.

Ankle Bone Bruise Treatments

Let us look at the treatments that can be done to deal with a bone bruise in the ankle.

Ice Massage

Several ice massages in a day over the injured area are helpful for reducing the swelling and pain thus, allowing the healing process to start. But one has to make sure that they do not massage the injured area for more than 5 minutes at once.

The ice massage is done using an ice cup, which can be home-made using a Styrofoam cup. Fill the Styrofoam cup with water and freeze it. Once the cup freezes, peel off the top layer of the cup so that the ice is exposed on one end and the other end still has the Styrofoam in place so that making it possible for one to hold the ice.

Microcurrent Therapy

Microcurrent therapy or microcurrent neuromuscular stimulation is a practice where small electricity pulses are delivered to the body for treating the pain and also for reducing the time taken for healing. The current delivered to the body increases ion exchange and nutrients absorption while eliminating waste products from the body.


Supplementation of vitamins A, C and K and bromelain is also suggested by doctors. These supplements stimulate bone growth, fight infections, improve the immunity levels and aid in a speedy recovery.


As mentioned earlier, the surrounding tendons and ligaments are also damaged along with an ankle bone bruise. Exercising will help bring back the original range of motions in the ankle joint thus, reducing the chances of development of scar tissue. Also, these exercises quicken the healing process.

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