How to Treat a Bone Bruise?

How to treat a bone bruise? Before I answer this question, another question that might be twirling in your minds needs answering, which is – what is a bone bruise. A bone bruise, though not a fracture, is a resultant of sports injuries usually. A portion of the bone gets injured causing internal bleeding in the vicinity of the damaged bone. Let us now see as to how to treat these internal bruises.

How to Treat a Bone Bruise?

These kind of internal injuries of the bone are also referred to as bone contusions. One of the biggest problems in treating contusions is that they cannot be cast nor placed in a splint to heal. Also, these contusions do take a long time to heal. So, bearing these injuries is quite painful, and treating them is quite a process.

  • First of all, both an MRI and an X-ray are required to confirm the injury. These are necessary because, bruising of the bone can also lead to a stress fracture or ligament damage sometimes. Proper diagnosis is quintessential to enable a proper treatment and healing.
  • One should make sure that not much stress is placed on the injured bone portion. This is because, unlike soft tissues, bones take a longer time to heal, and additional stress would only prolong the recovery period. Wear a brace if the bone closer to a joint is bruised.
  • One has to abstain from chewing or smoking tobacco, as nicotine in tobacco slows down the healing process.
  • The injured region is usually swollen and painful. Apply an ice pack over the location for 5-10 minutes. Do the same at least 3 times in an hour to experience relief from pain and to alleviate swelling.
  • Over the counter NSAIDs like ibuprofen or aspirin also can help achieve pain relief.
  • Performing reflexology over the injured region is also going to help alleviate the pain. Reflexology is also a type of massage therapy.
  • Micro-current therapy is another way to help deal with the problem, and it also helps in quickening the healing process. This therapy produces electrical signals that help the bone and the tissues to heal.

Most of all, rest is of utmost importance. Along with rest, patience is also equally important, as the bruise is going to eventually heal. The above way are a few solutions of how to treat a bone bruise.

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