How to write an essay fast

How to write an essay fast

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This essay is going to tackle how any writer could write an essay in a quick manner. A�The major step in the process is to put down a visual representation of the central branches of the essay. The writer does not need to write down all of the details and ideas. After a fast visual mapping of the main ideas, the writer can engage in the process of brainstorming which is a spontaneous generation of thoughts with prior knowledge. They are expected to think freely without being worried about what is written. Everything that the writer knows about the topic must be written down. After the process of brainstorming, it is significant to categorize ideas so as to formulate a comprehensive image of the entire paper.

The introduction aims to open the essay. It usually maps out what is going to be said in the essay. The essay is based on a solid thesis statement that sheds light on the importance of friendship in our lives and the good aspects associated with it, for instance. After clarifying the main idea and argument that are going to be perceived as the reference point, it is quite important to display a well structured blueprint that encapsulates all arguments that will be defended throughout the essay.

As far as a fast essay is concerned, the writer needs to write the body paragraphs quickly and delay the introduction and the conclusion till the end. The body is the main part of the topic in which all reasons and opinions are explained and developed. This part is divided into three parts. A central argument is highlighted in order to defend the ideas; supporting details are highly necessary and vital. A good example can be drawn from daily life and experience. This paragraph ends with a brief summary of the major ideas developed and explained in a thorough manner. Transitional phrases are important to move on to the next body paragraph.

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