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Bone Spurs - An Overview! Bone Spur – An Overview!

Bone spurs are projections of the bones which develop along the bone edges. Bone spurs themselves are not painful, but they may rub against the adjacent bones and nerves, leading to pain.

Bone-Spurs Bone Spurs in Hand

Bone spurs are nothing but tiny projections of the bones’ edges. Bone spurs are also referred to as osteophytes, and they are known to form […]

finger-tendonitis2 Finger Tendonitis

What is finger tendonitis? Our fingers contain two tendons, known together as the flexor tendons   . One of these tendons ( flexor digitorum profundus […]

What is Peroneal Insertional Tendonitis?

Tendons are soft tissues that connect the bones and muscles, and they help with our movement while also absorbing the tension caused while moving. When […]

How to Treat a Bone Bruise?

How to treat a bone bruise? Before I answer this question, another question that might be twirling in your minds needs answering, which is – […]

Femur Bone Diseases

The thigh bone, also called the femur bone is in fact, the strongest and the longest bone in our body. So, given that this is […]

Ankle Bone Bruise Treatments

An ankle bone bruise is difficult to identify unless and until an expensive MRI scan is used. In most cases, a bruise of the ankle […]

Causes of Collarbone Pain

Collarbone pain is usually not a common problem. The pain can be the resultant of a collarbone fracture, a shoulder injury, injuries to the chest […]

What is Accessory Navicular Syndrome?

Accessory navicular syndrome is the painful condition caused by the presence of the accessory navicular. Well, is the statement a bit confusing? Let me explain. […]

What is Os Trigonum Syndrome?

Before getting to know what os trigonum syndrome is, it is important to know what an os trigonum is. The os trigonum is a bone […]

What is a Muscle Contusion?

One of the most common, in fact the second most common sports injury is a muscle contusion , most commonly known as a bruise as […]

Rib cartilage Injury

The rib cage is a collection of a dozen pair of ribs, cartilages, a dozen vertebrae and the sternum bone. Seven pairs of the ribs […]

Pott’s Fracture

Pott’s fracture , also referred to as Dupuytren fracture   orĀ  Pott’s syndrome I   can be a fracture of the medial, posterior or lateral […]

What is Madelung’s Deformity?

Madelung’s deformity is an abnormality of the wrist. In this condition, the wrist bones are not formed properly causing a malformation of wrists. This malformation […]

What is Little League Shoulder?

Little league shoulder is a growth plate injury that occurs in the upper arm in child athletes. The result of this injury is severe pain […]