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Medial Malleolus Fracture

The medial malleolus fracture is a fracture of the medial malleolus. Now, wondering what the medial malleolus is? That would take a little explanation from […]

Cast Odor – How to Deal With It?

Casts are very much important in treating broken or fractured bones or to immobilize certain joints after a surgery. Cast odor is inevitable over a […]

Bimalleolar Ankle Fracture

The bimallolear ankle fracture is a fracture of the bones that exist on either side of the ankle. The ankle comprises of a bony prominence […]

Buddy Taping A Broken Toe or a Finger

Buddy taping or buddy wrapping is a process where a broken, sprained or fractured toe or finger is bandaged to its neighboring healthy toe or […]

Broken Collarbone – Complications and Treatments

Let us look at the complications, treatments and prevention techniques associated with a broken collarbone . Complications of a Broken Collarbone: Although in most cases […]

What is an ACL Fracture?

An ACL ( Anterior Cruciate Ligament     ) fracture is an avulsion fracture   (tearing away of a bone fragment from the main bone) […]

What is a Barton Fracture?

Barton fracture , first described by Dr. John Barton, is a fracture of the wrist. This fracture is a distal radius fracture   which dislocates […]

Diagnosing and Treating a 5th Metatarsal Fracture

Although it is athletes and sports persons who are known to suffer mostly from a 5th metatarsal fracture , there is every chance that most […]

Types of 5th Metatarsal Fracture

The 5th metatarsal is the long bone that connects to the little toe on the foot’s outside. A 5th metatarsal fracture can easily occur due […]

Hip Fracture Symptoms

A hip fracture is a serious condition where a person’s femur or hip bone becomes broken or cracked. This is a condition which normally happens […]

Broken Toe – What To Do?

The term “Broken toe” is used for describing any toe injury. The bones in the toes may get fractured, based on the severity of the […]

Fractured Pinky Toe – Symptoms of Fractured Pinky Toe

You stub your toe and you experience intense pain. It may get blue and black and swells very badly. Now let us know about the […]

What is Impacted Fracture?

Even though bones are strong and are able to tolerate the strong impacts, some traumatic injuries can trigger cracking or breaking of the bones. Twisting […]

What are Oblique Fractures

Even though bones are the hardest body part, they cannot endure impacts and higher forces. Bone fractures are very common among older people and young […]