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Calf Muscle Swelling

Calf muscle swelling is actually a self-induced problem, and it can be treated without the need of a doctor’s help usually. A swollen calf muscle […]

What is Peroneal Insertional Tendonitis?

Tendons are soft tissues that connect the bones and muscles, and they help with our movement while also absorbing the tension caused while moving. When […]

Medial Malleolus Fracture

The medial malleolus fracture is a fracture of the medial malleolus. Now, wondering what the medial malleolus is? That would take a little explanation from […]

The Deltoid Ligament

The deltoid ligament or the medial ligament   is a complex structure of ligaments in the ankle joint. The other ligaments within the deltoid are […]

Pott’s Fracture

Pott’s fracture , also referred to as Dupuytren fracture   orĀ  Pott’s syndrome I   can be a fracture of the medial, posterior or lateral […]

What is an Adductor Strain?

An adductor strain results in a groin strain. The adductor muscles are a group of five, viz. adductor longus   , adductor brevis   , […]

What is a Tillaux Fracture?

A tillaux fracture is a fracture of the anteriolateral tibial epiphysis   . To put it in a simpler manner, it is the fracture of […]

Throbbing Leg Pain

Pain which is felt in between the ankle and the thigh is known as throbbing leg pain. In some cases, the pain can be very […]

Swollen Hands and Feet

Medically, swollen hands and feet are referred to as idiopathic edema. Several factors are responsible for the swelling of the hands and feet and it […]

Aching Legs at Night

Aching legs during night may cause great discomfort and may also result in sleepless nights for a long period. Aching legs at night may affect […]

Broken Pinky Toe

When you stub your toe, you may experience severe pain. It may get blue and black and swelling can also be noticed. It is sometimes […]