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Non-Surgical Options and Surgery for Treating a Crossover Toe

People suffering from crossover toe have their second toe drift towards the big toe with the second toe ending up lying over the big toe. […]

How to Treat a Bone Bruise?

How to treat a bone bruise? Before I answer this question, another question that might be twirling in your minds needs answering, which is – […]

Cast Odor – How to Deal With It?

Casts are very much important in treating broken or fractured bones or to immobilize certain joints after a surgery. Cast odor is inevitable over a […]

Pain After Hip Replacement Surgery

A total hip replacement surgery is only used as a last resort when the pain caused by the arthritic condition becomes unbearable. But as a […]

Buddy Taping A Broken Toe or a Finger

Buddy taping or buddy wrapping is a process where a broken, sprained or fractured toe or finger is bandaged to its neighboring healthy toe or […]

Broken Toe – What To Do?

The term “Broken toe” is used for describing any toe injury. The bones in the toes may get fractured, based on the severity of the […]

How To Heal a Broken Bone Quickly?

Broken bones are fractured bones. Break along the length of the bone or cracks are all fractures. Bones are light in weight but are quite […]

DEXA Bone Density Scan – Advantages and Disadvantages of DEXA Scan

DEXA is a diagnostic procedure to measure bone mineral density. DEXA stands for Dual-Energy X-ray Absorptiometry. The technique is based on the principle of absorption […]

Distal Biceps Tendon Rupture – How Rehabilitation Helps ?

Most benefit is obtained on surgical repair of the ruptured biceps tendon. But if the tear is incomplete or the patient do not need to […]

Cubital Tunnel Syndrome – How To Treat It ?

Few people with cubital tunnel syndrome can improve on their own. But it is quite difficult to be predicted. But full recovery is not possible […]

What Can Be Done For A Swan Neck Deformity Of The Finger ?

The deformed position of the finger where the joint that is most close to the tip of the finger is permanently bent towards the palm. […]

How To Treat Metacarpal Fractures ?

The prime aim of the treatment of metacarpal fractures is to regain and maintain the good hand mechanics. So proper healing is extremely essential. The […]

Physiotherapy Exercises For Mallet Finger

When the tip of the finger is bent and straightening it with own efforts becomes extremely painful and difficult, hit is known as Mallet Finger. […]