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What is Plantar Fibromatosis?

Plantar fibromatosis is a benign tumor that occurs in the plantar fascia (a thick layer of fibrous tissue supporting the arch of the foot). The […]

Bimalleolar Ankle Fracture

The bimallolear ankle fracture is a fracture of the bones that exist on either side of the ankle. The ankle comprises of a bony prominence […]

What is Crepitus?

Crepitus, which is more commonly known as cracking joints is a phenomenon where people experience a popping, grating or cracking sound under the skin. While […]

Forefoot Pain – Sesamoiditis

Forefoot pain is most common in athletes and runners who workout and train extensively. Any pain associated with the metatarsal region of the feet is […]

What is Pronator Teres Syndrome?

Pronator teres syndrome or pronator teres compression syndrome (PTS) is a nerve entrapment at the elbow. Although not as common as carpal tunnel syndrome, the […]

Costovertebral Joint Sprain

The thoracic vertebrae which are located in between the cervical and the lumbar vertebrae attach themselves to the ribs on both the sides via the […]

Chest Muscle Strain

A chest muscle strain is usually not a sudden onset, unless and until it is caused by a direct injury. It is the resultant of […]

What is Ankle Synovitis?

Firstly, ankle joint is a synovial joint because it contains the soft tissue synovium. Ankle synovitis is the inflammation of the synovium. The synovium is […]

What is an Adductor Strain?

An adductor strain results in a groin strain. The adductor muscles are a group of five, viz. adductor longus   , adductor brevis   , […]

Biceps Strain – A Common Sports Injury

The biceps muscle or the biceps brachia can get strained due to an hyper-extension of the muscle. Biceps strain is a very common sports injury […]

Ankle Dislocation

Ankle dislocation is a traumatic injury that results in the dislocation (moving out of the original place) of an ankle joint’s bones (tibia, fibula and […]

What is a Tillaux Fracture?

A tillaux fracture is a fracture of the anteriolateral tibial epiphysis   . To put it in a simpler manner, it is the fracture of […]

Buddy Taping A Broken Toe or a Finger

Buddy taping or buddy wrapping is a process where a broken, sprained or fractured toe or finger is bandaged to its neighboring healthy toe or […]

Broken Collarbone – Complications and Treatments

Let us look at the complications, treatments and prevention techniques associated with a broken collarbone . Complications of a Broken Collarbone: Although in most cases […]

What is an ACL Fracture?

An ACL ( Anterior Cruciate Ligament     ) fracture is an avulsion fracture   (tearing away of a bone fragment from the main bone) […]